The Halton Child Care Association (HCCPA), founded in 1993, is dedicated to supporting independent childcare providers (ICP’s) by promoting professionalism in the field with monthly educational meetings, newsletters and social opportunities, in addition to connecting providers and parents within the community.

The HCCPA is not a licensing agency.

HCCPA member providers are not licensed by the Ontario Government, unless otherwise specified by the provider specifically.  

The HCCPA supports the CICPO (Coalition of Independent Childcare Providers of Ontario).  

CICPO's mission statement:

"It is Coalition’s mandate to educate Ontario’s public and government, through social, print and news media about Independent Home Child Care Providers, highlighting their vital role in the childcare community of Ontario, and how Bill 10 (formerly Bill143) will adversely affect us all.

Read more about Bill 10 Childcare Modernization Act.


Executive Committee

Member Chair, Social Media Co-ordinator: Tracy Skelton
Treasurer: Tracey Ongaro
Events, Social & Newsletter Co-ordinator: Cindy Brown
Website Co-ordinator: Mary Pierog